My aim is to introduce as many interested folks as possible to the exciting vistas provided by our Universe, and the Scientific achievements of women and men in the Cosmos. By showing my Clients easy methods of mastering a knowledge of the Constellations, Stars and Planets they are rapidly able to become empowered to continue learning ever more about what they see in their own back yards, and whenever they travel into areas with good viewing conditions.

I present information in a friendly, non-technical manner, and am always open to your questions and personal views. Whilst I focus on presenting at specially selected sites, I can travel to your preferred venue when required.

Links on this site can take you on a journey through the beauty and human endeavour which is a daily part of 21st Century life. Having shown you, the pace of your own learning is then in your hands, and I am proud of the many enthusiastic people who have become friends through our mutual interest in learning more about Space.

I welcome comments and suggestions about my site.



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